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Division of Biomedical Research Workforce

Let NIH Help You in Your Research Career Goal toward Becoming a​​​​​​​ Physician-Scientist

Let NIH Help You in Your Research Career Goal toward Becoming a Physician-Scientist

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MD/PhD Career with

Definitely want research as a major part of a medical career

MD Career with

Interested in health and disease and a career with research


Explore Research
  • Summer research


    Summer research

    The NIH provides funds to institutions for short-term research training for students interested in careers in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research. Learn More

  • One-two years after college


    One-Two years after college

    Recent college graduates who plan to apply to graduate or professional (medical/dental/veterinary/pharmacy) schools can spend one or two years in full-time research at the NIH campus in the Intramural Research Training Award program. Learn more

Complete a PhD

  • Integrated MD/PhD NIH-T32 MSTP

    Integrated MD/PHD

    About 50 MD/ PhD programs nationwide receive NIH training grants to support students in an integrated, dual degree program to train physician-scientists. Learn more

  • Graduate fellowship NIH-F30, NIH-F31

    Graduate fellowship

    Individual fellowships provide research training for graduate students and MD/PhD students in many fields. Consider preparing an application to support your research and training goals.

Explore research

  • Summer research


    Summer research

    Short-term research training opportunities are available for students interested in careers in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research. Search for activity T35 award institutions in NIH RePORTER.
    Learn More

  • Full year research


    Full year research

    The NIH provides institutions with outstanding research training programs with funds to support students in clinical and translational research. Learn more

  • Full year research


    Full year research

    The Medical Research Scholars Program supports students currently enrolled in an accredited medical, dental or veterinary program in mentored research at the NIH campus. Learn more

Medical School

Engage In Research

To learn more about a career as a physician-scientist, visit the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) , veterinary, dental scientist. Many schools offer research programs that may be pursued with a professional degree.

Residency & Fellowship

Build research and clinical skills
  • Research Residency and Fellowship

    Research Residency and Fellowship

    Consider Research Residencies that combine research and clinical training. Learn more at American Physician Scientists Association

  • Opportunities in NIH Clinical Center

    Opportunities in NIH Clinical Center

    The NIH Clinical Center offers graduate medical education opportunities. Learn more about residency and sub-specialty training programs

  • Pursue a Master's Program

    Pursue a Master's Program

    Students who seek training in the experimental skills and design required for translational research and clinical investigation may complete a Master’s program in Clinical Investigation.

  • Subspecialty research


    Subspecialty research NIH-T32

    The NIH supports institutions that offer outstanding research training for MD investigators in selected, clinically-relevant areas. These postdoctoral programs generally include at least 2 years of research training in basic, clinical and/or translational science areas.

  • Loan Repayment Program


    Loan Repayment Award

    NIH offers health professionals in eligible research activities awards to repay qualified educational debt.Learn more

Early Faculty

Combine clinical care and research
  • Clinical translational research


    Clinical translational research

    Institutions with a KL2 program offer up to five years’ support for mentored research training and career development to scholars with a professional degree to develop independent research programs. Learn more

  • Focused research


    Focused research

    Institutions nationwide receive NIH-K12 support for mentored career development awards to prepare newly-trained clinicians who have made a commitment to independent research careers, and to facilitate their transition to more advanced support mechanisms. Learn more

  • Individual career development


    Individual career development

    The NIH mentored clinical research career development award in biomedical and behavioral science (K08) and clinical science (K23) provide support and protected time to individuals with a clinical doctoral degree for an intensive, supervised research career development experience. Learn More

A Career as a Physician Scientist

Conduct research on biomedical mechanisms, diagnosis and therapy, population and outcome medicine, health policy or health services

Work at Academic Health Centers, Hospitals, Federal Laboratories, or Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry

  • Collaborate with a team of researchers

    NIH-UO1, R24

    Collaborate with a team of researchers

    Multi-center clinical studies are supported by the NIH for clinical studies, interventional trials and observational studies, conducted at three or more centers. The NIH-R24 supports strong interdisciplinary research teams focused on innovative approaches to address current challenges.

  • Independent research project grants

    NIH-R01, R21

    Independent research project grants

    The R01 provides support for health-related research that stems from an investigator or multi-investigator team. The R21 encourages exploratory/developmental research, usually proposed as a two-year project.

* Supplement to Enhance Diversity is applicable at all career levels