Division of Biomedical Research Workforce

How NIH Can Help You Become a Research Scientist

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PhD Career with

Interested in a career with research



Explore Research
  • Summer internship at NIH

    Summer Internship Program at NIH

    Summer internship in biomedical research at an NIH campus, for students in high school, college, graduate or professional school. Learn more

  • Summer research


    Summer research

    The NIH provides funds to institutions for short-term research training for students interested in careers in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research.

  • Diversity related programs in science

    Diversity related programs in science

    NIH supports development of the biomedical research workforce at multiple career levels, including diversity-related programs at the undergraduate level. Learn more

  • Postbaccalaureate program


    Postbaccalaureate program

    Recent college graduates who plan to apply to graduate or professional schools can spend one or two years in full-time research at NIH PREP awardee institutions or the NIH campus in the Intramural Research Training Award program. Learn More: IRTA and PREP

Explore research

  • Summer research NIH-T35

    Summer research

    Short-term research training opportunities are available for students interested in careers in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research. Search for activity T35 award institutions in NIH Reporter.

  • Consider careers NIH BEST

    Consider careers

    The NIH supports institutions piloting approaches to strengthen training and broaden experiences and exposure to multiple science careers. Learn more

  • Transition MS to PHD

    Transition MS to PHD

    The NIH makes institutional awards that successfully transition diverse students with a science MS through the research doctorate. Learn More

Complete a PhD

  • Predoctoral training programs


    Predoctoral training programs

    The NIH supports institutions that offer outstanding research training leading to the doctorate in many biomedical areas. Learn more

  • Graduate fellowship

    NIH-F30, NIH-F31

    Graduate fellowship

    Individual fellowships provide research training for graduate students and MD/PhD students in many fields. Consider preparing an application to support your research and training goals. Learn more

  • Graduate partnership program


    Graduate partnership program

    The NIH supports graduate students from participating institutions the opportunity to complete dissertation research with researchers at the NIH campus. Learn more


Graduate School

Engage in Research
Regulatory Science
Science Policy
Science Administration & Management
Science Communications

Postdoctorate Research

Build Research
  • Postdoctoral training program


    Postdoctoral training program

    The NIH supports institutions that offer outstanding postdoctoral research training in selected biomedical areas. Learn more

  • Individual fellowship


    Individual fellowship

    Individual postdoctoral fellowships provide research training in many fields. Consider preparing an application to support your research and training goals. Learn more

  • Career development program


    Career development program

    NIH supports the timely transition of individuals from mentored postdoctoral research to independent research positions. Learn more

  • Research training career development


    Research training career development

    NIH supports institutional consortia that provide traditional mentored postdoctoral research coupled with mentored teaching assignments at partner institutions.Learn more

  • Loan repayment program


    Loan repayment program

    NIH will repay educational debt to researchers with a biomedical doctoral degree who engage in qualifying research. Learn more

Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals SBIR/STTR

Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals SBIR/STTR

NIH supports small business awards to commercialize innovative biomedical technologies. Learn more

Research & Teaching Early, New Investigator

Research & Teaching Early, New Investigator

A number of NIH funding opportunities are available to those who identify as early (less than 10 years from doctorate) or new (never had substantial NIH award) investigators. Learn more


A Career as a Research Scientist

Conduct research on biomedical mechanisms, diagnosis and therapy, population and outcome medicine, health policy or health services

Work at Academic Health Centers, Hospitals, Federal laboratories, or Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry

  • Collaborate with a team of researchers

    NIH-UO1, R24

    Collaborate with a team of researchers

    Multi-center clinical studies are supported by the NIH for clinical studies, interventional trials and observational studies, conducted at three or more centers. The NIH-R24 supports strong interdisciplinary research teams focused on innovative approaches to address current challenges.

  • Independent research project grants

    NIH-R01, R21

    Independent research project grants

    The R01 provides support for health-related research that stems from an investigator or multi-investigator team. The R21 encourages exploratory/developmental research, usually proposed as a two-year project.

* Supplement to Enhance Diversity is applicable at all career levels